Spill Absorbents

PWS offers a wide range of specialty industrial spill absorbents- for use by any organisation that has identified risks due to spilled liquids (including spills such as petrol, oils, hazardous chemicals, photo chemicals, pesticides, biohazardous waste).

Spill absorbents are available in a number of forms including pads, wipes, booms, socks and pillows to cater to specific spill requirements. Industrial absorbents provide an effective way to clean up spills - protecting people, facilities and the environment. Spill absorbents are an essential part of occupational health and safety, so ensure your workplace has the appropriate absorbent on hand to suit your industry. Common users of spill absorbents include: Government, Heavy Industry, Transport, Manufacturing, Service Industry, Health & Medical, Agriculture, Construction, Waste Management Companies, Consultants.

Our spill absorbents are specially designed and provide the high levels of absorbency required to contain and absorb liquid spills.

Industrial Absorbents Industrial Absorbents

A wide range of absorbents specialty manufactured for industrial spills

Wipes & Pads Wipes & Pads

A wide range of specialty industrial wipes and pads

Socks & Pillows Socks & Pillows

A wide range of specialty industrial spill containment products